A Simple Strategic Plan For You

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Updated on December 1, 2020
by Megan Johal
A Simple Strategic Plan For You

Over the last three months, I have been flying all over North America working with clients.  One of the things I’ve been doing is helping them put together strategic plans for their businesses.

It’s important for a business to have a strategic plan, but isn’t it just as important for an individual?  For you?  Most of us just muddle through the year, taking whatever comes our way; too often we lead lives that are not examined; not lived purposefully.

This note is going to change all of that for you!  Here’s your simple planning template to fill out over Christmas, ensuring that your 2018 will be lived in a way that makes you feel good.

Simply answer these questions alone or with someone else:

  1. What went well for you in 2017?  What could have gone better?  Make 2 lists.
  2. What lessons did you learn this year that you never want to forget?
  3. What changes would you like to see for 2018 in any of these areas? (you pick)
    a. Health
    b. Personal
    d. Family
    e. Financial
    f. Other
  4. Based on these answers, what are your top 3-5 goals for 2018?
  5. What could derail you in achieving each one?
  6. What strategies will you use to overcome these risk factors?
  7. What is your accountability plan?  Report to a friend? Tape to your bathroom mirror? Hire a trainer or coach?

Spend some time over the holidays thinking through your life.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

-Socrates, while on trial for his life

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