Shifting into True Leadership Thinking

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Updated on September 21, 2020
Shifting into True Leadership Thinking

There’s a divide that I see a lot out there, and it’s the difference between true leadership thinking and employees who are just putting in their time and pulling a cheque.  People who act like leaders will soon get the titles to match their behaviour.  Here’s a list of what a typical ‘okay’ employee thinks about:

  • Their workspace
  • Their compensation
  • Their holiday time
  • Their title
  • Their recognition (or lack of it)
  • Their bonus
  • Their coworkers, good or bad
  • Their work tools (computers, phones, etc.)

The true leader is thinking about a completely different list.  Theirs tends to include:

  • Company profitability
  • Company sustainability
  • Company competition
  • Finding great people for the company
  • Dealing with problem people for the company
  • Setting the company up to survive during tough times
  • Making payroll
  • Coming up with great new product ideas to make the company thrive
  • Treating customers like gold so they’ll keep buying and tell their friends

Obvious difference isn’t it?  Leaders think about the good of the organization!  Non-leaders think about… themselves!

So, pretty simple today.  If you want to be in a leadership role one day, start thinking and talking about things that leaders think and talk about.  Soon, you’ll find yourself there.

“The champion is crowned in the ring.”

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