Superstars Can Say Tough Things

On your team, there are stars, and then there are superstars.  Stars are, of course, great at what they do, but superstars add something special to the mix.

Superstars are able to say difficult things and raise difficult issues with people without burning or even harming the relationship.  Often that relationship is strengthened as a result of their interventions.

A superstar client that I work with has that ability, and mentioned to me that he and his wife were walking through the mall when they spotted a person that they had recently let go from their business.  This person approached them, hugged them both and thanked them for all they had done for them during their tenure at the business.

My client smiled and shrugged as if that were just business as usual.  Which, for him it is.

He’s learned the critical lesson that a huge part of the meaning of our lives is being in healthy relationship with those around us, and treating relationships carefully, even when they don’t work out as we had planned in business, is critical.

If you’re good at relationships you’re good at life.

Don’t shrink from crucial conversations, but instead, learn how to say hard things from a place of genuine caring.  Become a superstar.

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