DISC Personalities and Vacation Style

I’m up at a beautiful BC lake with my family this week, and I got them together to ask them this question:


What are your insights about DISC and vacation style?


They’ve been harangued by me about personality types for their entire lives and are pretty fluent in the language.


If you aren’t fluent yet, or haven’t tried my free DISC assessment, you can fill it out here in under 10 minutes.  It comes with an accompanying download explaining your scores:




Just to remind you:

D – Dominant – driven to achieve goals, doers not talkers, blunt and task focused

I – Inspiring – loves ideas and persuasion, loves to talk and be the center of attention


S – Supportive – loves to promote harmony, do practical jobs, and be in relationship with trusted associates


C – Conscientious – The detail people.  Loves structure, process and jobs done thoroughly and well

So, here’s the consensus about what each prefers while on vacation:




Often D’s spend the first part of their vacation sleeping.  Either they’re going full speed or they’re asleep.  They find themselves napping when they would never do that in real life.


They’re very sure about what they want to do and don’t want to do.  Once they’re rested, they like accomplishing things whether that’s sharpening their waterskiing abilities or improving their speed on their morning run.




I’s like variety and they like adventure.  They like exploring new spots, taking in exciting sights and having new experiences.  They like to be on the go and prefer having people around to experience these things with.


Stimulation is key to the I’s happiness, and they need lots of it because they get bored faster than any other personality type.




S’s want to vacation with people they love.  They don’t care so much where they go as how people act wherever they are.  They want people to get along.  They want others to be having a great time and will sacrifice their own desires so that others can be happy.  They are as happy as the least happy person on the trip.


They value companionship and knowing that people want to have them on the trip and would miss them if they weren’t there.




C’s want their vacation to be well-planned.  They like going to the same spot again and again because they know exactly what to expect.  They relish revisiting the same coffee shops and going to the same lakes and generally knowing what they can expect.  They don’t love surprises.


Before they leave home, the house must be clean.  Dishes washed and put away.  Clothes hung up.  Knowing the home front is a mess means they can’t relax while they’re away.



Whatever your type, take a vacation.  I prided myself on never taking holidays until a wise lady looked at me like I had two heads and reminded me that holidays are invaluable family times that you’ll never regret taking.


Now my kids are older, but they still want to come along if they can.


TIP FOR PARENTS:  The way to get your grown kids to join you on vacation:


Put it all on your Visa card.  They’ll come. 


I’m not above bribery.

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