How to Do a Hiring Screen Interview
I got lots of comments from last week’s job interview questions, so I thought I’d write about how to do a screening interview. ...
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For Your Business to Grow, You Must Grow
For my whole adult life, I’ve read about 50 books/year. I read in 2 general categories: Business and personal...
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The 5 F’s of Hiring
I’m involved in lots of hiring interviews.  When I find a candidate who is a true ‘A’ player, I know that 5 factors need...
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Collins 3 Rules for Effective Team
Jim Collins, management guru and writer of Good to Great, says that great teams have three things in common: They...
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Harnessing The Pygmalion Effect
In a study done by two psychologists (Rosenthal and Jacobsen), elementary school teachers were given false information about...
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Leaders Can Become Problem Focused
One hazard of being a leader is that you can very easily become problem focused.  If you’re in growth, you show up every...
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Perfection Is the Enemy of Greatness
I’m going to say something right now to all of you cognitives (the detail people) that’s going to make you crazy: Perfection...
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No One Can Choose Your Attitude for You
Recently I had to send a same-day package to Vancouver from where I live in the suburbs.  So I went to the counter of a popular...
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