Core Values – Cheat Sheet
This is a simple 'cheat sheet' to help you remember key takeaways from the course: "Discovering Your Core Values."  Download...
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Personal Annual Plan – My Vision and Goals
Download the third worksheet of the Personal Annual Plan course. Understand your short and long-term goals with this wor...
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Personal Annual Plan – Assess Where You Are Right Now
Assess what needs to change in your life in order to reach your ten-year vision with this worksheet. Download the second...
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Personal Annual Plan – Where am I in 10 Years
Download the first worksheet for the Personal Annual Plan.  This worksheet asks you to transport yourself 10 years into the...
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Job Scorecard
Never make a mis-hire again with the Job Scorecard from Getting People Right! This template lays out the guidelines you and...
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DISC Personalities Cheat Sheet
This is a simple 'cheat sheet' to help you remember key takeaways from the course: "Understanding DISC Personalities."  Download...
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One Page Plan Business Template
Following is everything you need to know about building your one-page strategic plan. The one page plan contains the following...
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Facilitator’s Guide – Hiring
Click here to download the Facilitator's Guide for the Hiring course. You can take the full hiring course here.   Hiring...
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  • Discovering and implementing core values
  • Enhancing your career through delegation
  • Building a one-page strategic business plan
  • Coaching based performance reviews
  • Using DISC Personality testing at work and home
  • Dealing with under performers
  • Learning the process to hire a-players
  • How to fire with minimum pain and drama
  • Objectively assessing your team
  • Building your personal annual plan
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