How To Apologize In The Workplace, And Mean It
Picture this: You’re typing away at your computer, working on the latest sales report your boss asked you to take point...
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How Being Competent Can Improve Team Performance
People’s ability to be competent by using their soft skills and values is something that tends to be overlooked when it comes...
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The Character Traits That Make a Great Leader
  Have you ever overheard a group of parents at a park talking about how their kid is a natural at this or a natural...
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How to Manage Disappointment
What is Disappointment? Disappointment happens when our reality does not meet our hopes and or expectations. This may lead...
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5 Ways to Spot Overthinking
What is Overthinking? Overthinking happens when one obsesses about something. To overthink, by definition, means to think...
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Why You Should Reconcile Your Accounts  
As a business owner, it is easy to get caught up in building a minimum viable product or pitching your product to clients....
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Concise Writing
What does it Mean to be Concise? In writing, being concise means to use the least amount of words to express an idea clearly....
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MeUndies Case Study
Jonathan Shokrian is a board member for the Make-A-Wish LA foundation and spends his 9-5 running the 7th Fastest-Growing...
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