How to Quit a Job: A Step By Step Guide
Your current job is exhausting. Your workload is humongous. The paycheck deposited into your account isn't performance-based....
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The Top 3 Reasons Why Mentorship is Crucial to Your Success
 There is a saying that “experience is the best teacher”. This saying is often abused by people who do not understand the...
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Top 10 Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well
Not everyone handles stress from work in a healthy manner. This can often lead to employees hating their jobs before they...
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Negotiation, How to Get the Salary you Deserve
What is Negotiation? Negotiation is the communication process where two or more parties come to an agreement for a certain...
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How to Write a Resignation Email: A Guide
  Leaving a job can be bittersweet whether you leave on good terms or not. Perhaps you are starting at a different...
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Everything You Need to Know About Imposter Syndrome
Everything You Need to Know About Imposter Syndrome Imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling like an imposter or fraud...
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Every HR Manager Needs These 6 Key Skills
Key takeaways HR Managers oversee the strategy and daily operations of the human resources function of an organization ...
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How To Take A Leave of Absence From Work
  A leave of absence is a legally sanctioned time off your employer must provide you based on personal needs....
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