How to Discover Your Organization’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal or BHAG
BHAG is an acronym made up by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, authors of the bestseller “Built to Last.” It...
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How to Write a Resignation Letter
How to Write a Resignation Letter A resignation letter is a document that an employee gives to their employer to formally...
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Davids Tea – Case Study
History of Davids Tea Davids Tea, based in Montreal, Quebec, opened its first location on Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario...
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Competitive Advantage
What is a competitive advantage? A competitive advantage is when a company possesses valuable resources and capabilities...
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Availity – Case Study
What is Availity? Availity is a healthcare software as a service (SaaS) company that focuses on streamlining the activities...
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How to Build a One Page Strategic Plan For Your Organization
Why build a one-page strategic plan? Many mid-market businesses have no strategic plan at all. Instead, they treat the business...
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How to Discover the Core Values of Your Organization
What are core values? The core values of an organization are the rules of behavior that everyone agrees to live by. Like...
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The Right Way to Fire an Employee
How to deal with fear If you’re afraid of firing someone, welcome to the club! Everyone faces fear, no matter how seasoned...
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