How to Calculate Sweat Equity: A Guide for Small Businesses
What is Sweat Equity? via GIPHY Sweat equity, in simple terms, is the value generated from the...
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10 Martin Luther King Jr Quotes About Leadership
Martin Luther King Junior was one of the most iconic figures of the American Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s and 1960s....
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Absenteeism In The Workplace: Causes, Impacts, and 9 Steps to Correct It
  In Canada, the average working days lost due to personal reasons was 2.2 in 2020. Not a big deal, you say? Although...
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Referent Power: The Secret To Getting People To Do What You Want
  Doesn't it feel great when a colleague or a subordinate shows you respect and admiration? Do you ever feel glad...
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PPP Loan
What is the PPP Loan? The Paycheck Protection Program is a government initiative that provides support to small businesses...
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Learning Curve: Definition, Theory (Graphs), and Examples
  Definition of a learning curve via GIPHY You may have heard your colleagues or manager talking about...
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The Iterative Process: Origins, Methodology, Examples, Advantages
When it comes to creating an exceptional product, it’s worth revisiting a popular adage: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”...
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25 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Will Inspire and Motivate You
Who Was Dr. Seuss? via GIPHY Dr. Seuss is an American author and cartoonist most famous for his children's books,...
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