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Origins of the DISC Personalities Test
The origins of the DISC Personalities test goes back a long way.  Although the DISC Personalities test itself is relatively...
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Start with Why to Engage Your Team
If you’re a leader you must start with why.  And I mean a leader of anyone.  Employee team, volunteer group, family, sports...
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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an A-Player
You’ve sifted through resumes because you want to make sure you’re hiring an A-player!  You’ve shaken the bushes to find...
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Delegation Master Tips
You’re not going to get far in leadership if you don’t obey these delegation master tips. Delegation is the skill that...
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Firing Master Tips
You know who you’re firing; that decision is made. You’re prepared for the interview and have covered off the details. ...
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HR & Leadership Tips

Rise Up and be an Inspiration – You Don’t Know Who is Watching
This week I had the sad job of attending a client event in memory of a young staff member who died tragically during the...
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The Dunning Kruger Effect
The Dunning Kruger effect is attributed to two psychologists from Cornell who did some research that uncovered results that...
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How Good Relationships Make You Live Longer
In 1938, Harvard University began a study that has now gone on for 80 years.  They studied, “what makes a good life?”  Only...
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What to Do If Your Boss Is a Jerk
In the past few weeks I’ve been approached or contacted by various people with a really tough question: What do you do...
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If You’re Not Smiling People Think You’re Mad
I’m a history guy, and one of my favorite British characters is Lord Nelson.  In 1805, he beat the combined Spanish and French...
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Don’t Feel Guilty About Taking Holidays
A good friend once gave me a book entitled “I Feel Guilty When I Relax.”  Can you identify? I’m about seven days in to...
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The Power of Thank You
I get a lot of response to my coaching tips, and I appreciate and reply to each one.  Listen to a comment I received this...
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The Best Time of Day to Give Feedback
I love negative feedback don’t you?  Especially when it comes from my wife and kids.  My teenagers especially.  Since they...
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How Relationships Break Down
Three times this week (so far) I’ve spoken with people in various stages of relationship breakdown.  No, hold on, it’s actually...
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Some Lessons I’ve Learned Working With Companies in Growth
For my whole adult life I’ve worked with and for organizations in really fast growth.  Does this make me an expert at understanding...
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How Owners Think Vs. How Employees Think
There’s a divide that I see a lot out there, and it’s the difference in thinking between true leaders, and employees who...
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Are You Modeling Your Core Values
This week I was in Toronto teaching a group of elementary and high school educators -leaders of their schools and education...
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The Law of the Farm
I worked on a farm through my college years, and while I made lots of mistakes (I’m just now having a vivid memory of punching...
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Make the 2 Minute Call
90% of our pain comes from sticky people situations. They’re unpleasant and icky and weigh us down and cause us immense brain...
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The Best Leaders Want to Help Their Team Members Win
I’m facilitate lots of strategy meetings that involve sorting out the roles of employees.  These are challenging conversations,...
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Leadership Is About Helping Others Achieve Their Goals
A few years ago, a friend of mine called and asked if I’d like to join him and a small group of friends for dinner with his...
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