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Are You Too Clever to Build a Strategic Plan?
There is an impulse in people to make things more complicated than they need to be.  When building a strategic plan, our...
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Where am I in 10 Years? Fresh Insight into Building Your Personal Development Plan
Of course you should have a personal development plan.  But you should ‘begin with the end in mind.’ Rather than starting...
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How McDonalds Dominated the World with their 3 Brand Promises (and how they almost lost it all)
If you’ve seen the movie “The Founder” you know the story.  A restaurant founded in 1940 by two brothers who built a hamburger...
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How McDonalds Updated their 3 brand promises to Focus on winning
McDonalds restaurants dominated the world of quick serve franchising for decades based on these simple brand promises: ...
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The Top 5 Clanger Statements to Never Say When Firing an Employee
You’ve made the decision.  This person must go.  You hate it (or you love it!) but now it’s time to sit with them and break...
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HR & Leadership Tips

DISC Personalities and Vacation Style
I’m up at a beautiful BC lake with my family this week, and I got them together to ask them this question:   What...
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The Secret to Making People Want You or Your Products and Services
This week I did a hiring interview for a company, and their hiring process is quite stringent. Before even talking to...
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The Guaranteed Method to Change Group Behavior in Under 10 Minutes
  When I was a young guy, I worked for a short time as a substitute teacher.  My wife is a teacher, and gave me a...
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How to Do a Hiring Screen Interview
I got lots of comments from last week’s job interview questions, so I thought I’d write about how to do a screening interview. ...
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For Your Business to Grow, You Must Grow
For my whole adult life, I’ve read about 50 books/year. I read in 2 general categories: Business and personal...
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The 5 F’s of Hiring
I’m involved in lots of hiring interviews.  When I find a candidate who is a true ‘A’ player, I know that 5 factors need...
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Effect Team Building
Collins 3 Rules for Effective Team
Jim Collins, management guru and writer of Good to Great, says that great teams have three things in common: They...
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Harnessing The Pygmalion Effect
In a study done by two psychologists (Rosenthal and Jacobsen), elementary school teachers were given false information about...
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Leaders Can Become Problem Focused
One hazard of being a leader is that you can very easily become problem focused.  If you’re in growth, you show up every...
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Perfection Is the Enemy of Greatness
I’m going to say something right now to all of you cognitives (the detail people) that’s going to make you crazy: Perfection...
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No One Can Choose Your Attitude for You
Recently I had to send a same-day package to Vancouver from where I live in the suburbs.  So I went to the counter of a popular...
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The 4 Emotional States of Buyers
As Michael LeBoeuf reminds us in his classic book, How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life, customers have 4...
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Stop Having Horrid Meetings
Almost every day I facilitate meetings, and I hate, H.A.T.E. attending ones that are badly run.  I can usually smell them...
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Are You Displaying the Most Important Leadership Qualities?
Here are the most important behaviours that build your leadership credibility.  Score yourself out of 5 on each one: ...
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Are You Blind to the Obvious?
I read an interesting article this week in HBR about self-awareness.  Through lots of studies that I won’t trouble you with,...
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How to Be a Person of Interest
Does this sound familiar?  You’re in a casual work setting holding a drink, (conference, trade show, networking reception)...
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