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"We have completed courses as a group with excellent feedback from 40 managers and supervisors. As we move through the courses we are actually applying your principles and suggested action steps when it comes to finding the right people and getting people into the right seats. Our key store is going gangbusters with a new measure of enthusiasm and 'get it done' energy we haven't seen in years!"

Warren Slaght, General Manager, KMS Tools
$499 USD
Basic is ideal for individuals and small teams. (best for up to 20 participants)
Access all 10 Leadership Fundamentals Courses
Everything you need to become a strong leader
Access articles and templates
Available online, anytime
Facilitator's guides
To assist in small group discussion about course content
Quizzes and tests
Tests for each module and a final test for each course
Learn by immediately applying concepts to your business
Earn your Leadership Fundamentals certificate
A variety of learning styles
Learn from video, audio, read along slides, and more
Professional Development
Earn professional development credits (depending on industry)
$450 to $1675 USD
Premium includes everything in Basic, plus (best for 20-75 participants)
Live coaching
Engage a virtual live coach for accountability and third party input
Customized to you
Choose your accountability rhythm
Engage entire teams
Ideal for teams of 20 - 75 participants
Premium customer support
With Gold customer support, we'll answer your unique questions and help you make web security as easy and actionable as possible
Multiple payment methods
Payment via invoice or credit card
Customized to your situation
Enterprise is suited to larger organizations and includes everything in Basic and Premium, plus (best for 75+ participants and multi-site businesses)
Build you own white label e-learning school
Your logo, your messaging, your school
Enterprise team functionality
Unlimited amount of users, teams and scan profiles
Volume-based pricing model
Give everyone in the organization access at reasonable rates
Extended API functionality
Access to all report data
Customized billing
All billing options available
Scale learning and best practises
Everyone in the organization is trained to lead your way
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Structured pilot and team onboarding. Help with configuring. Proactive support and one-on-one live demos

Certificate in Leadership Fundamentals Starts at $499

Access to 10 of Getting People Right’s Flagship Courses:

  • Discovering and implementing core values
  • Enhancing your career through delegation
  • Building a one-page strategic business plan
  • Coaching based performance reviews
  • Using DISC Personality testing at work and home
  • Dealing with under performers
  • Learning the process to hire a-players
  • How to fire with minimum pain and drama
  • Objectively assessing your team
  • Building your personal annual plan
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