Origins of the DISC Personalities Test
The origins of the DISC Personalities test goes back a long way.  Although the DISC Personalities test itself is relatively...
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Start with Why to Engage Your Team
If you’re a leader you must start with why.  And I mean a leader of anyone.  Employee team, volunteer group, family, sports...
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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an A-Player
You’ve sifted through resumes because you want to make sure you’re hiring an A-player!  You’ve shaken the bushes to find...
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Delegation Master Tips
You’re not going to get far in leadership if you don’t obey these delegation master tips. Delegation is the skill that...
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Firing Master Tips
You know who you’re firing; that decision is made. You’re prepared for the interview and have covered off the details. ...
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Don’t Forget These Details When Firing
When you’re firing someone, you have a lot on your mind.  You’re thinking about: What you’ll say How you’re going...
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How to Get Sued – Legal Basics of Firing
Firing is something that has to happen, and it can be done well, or done badly. If you decide to do it badly, prepare...
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How to use the DISC Test to Increase Your Credibility
The DISC test is a really useful self-assessment that helps you understand your natural areas of strength and weakness, and...
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