How to Make Change in the Workplace
Reminiscing on childhood there are a lot of games that come to mind. Foursquare was quite popular in my school yard as well...
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People and Leadership Lessons from ‘The Office’
The workplace is a constantly changing environment with new coworkers, rules, and norms being introduced on a monthly basis....
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Why Leaders Should Feel Embarrassed
That awkward handshake you mistook for a hug. Sharing your screen on a Zoom call without closing your leisurely browsing....
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3 Things Employers Should Know About Disparate Impact
Corporate America is facing a reckoning over its employment practices. The impact of years of systemic discrimination is...
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4 Ways to Prepare for Inevitable Change
Over the course of history, external factors have forced inevitable change upon organizations. In the face of this, some...
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How to Build Resilience to Face Adversity
In a generation where social media pulls back the corporate veil for even the most admired companies, organizations and their...
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Are You Too Clever to Build a Strategic Plan?
There is an impulse in people to make things more complicated than they need to be.  When building a strategic plan, our...
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