How to Fire Someone
No one ever gets taught how to fire someone.  You can take an MBA and never learn this skill.  However, if you’re a leader,...
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 How to Schedule a Termination Meeting
 Firing someone is tough.  We all hate it and don’t want to do it.  So, we spend lots of time thinking through...
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Firing Master Tips
You know who you’re firing; that decision is made. You’re prepared for the interview and have covered off the details. ...
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Don’t Forget These Details When Firing
When you’re firing someone, you have a lot on your mind.  You’re thinking about: What you’ll say How you’re going...
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How to Get Sued – Legal Basics of Firing
Firing is something that has to happen, and it can be done well, or done badly. If you decide to do it badly, prepare...
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Firing Over Core Values Violations?
If you run a business, or lead a team, eventually you’re going to fire someone.  There’s no easy way to say it. You will...
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Top 5 Clanger Statements to Never Say When Firing
You’ve made the decision.  This person must go.  You hate it (or you love it!) but now it’s time to sit with them and break...
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4 Communication Keys After Firing an Employee
You’ve done the hard thing; you’ve actually fired an employee.  The worst is over. But, you can easily fall prey to the...
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