Competitive Advantage
What is a competitive advantage? A competitive advantage is when a company possesses valuable resources and capabilities...
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What is Insubordination in the Workplace?
Insubordination occurs when an employee fails to perform a lawful and reasonable order from their employer. It is different...
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To Whom It May Concern: When and When Not to Use It
It may be tempting to start off an email or letter with "To Whom It May Concern", however you maybe performing a major disservice...
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Year-Over-Year (YOY) is a method for calculating growth between two specific time periods. Time period can be monthly or...
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What is “In Lieu Of?”
Often used in contracts and other legalese, the term “in lieu of” quite simply means in place of or instead of. The term...
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Professional References
I. What are professional references? Professional references are recommendations from individuals who can vouch for your...
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Performance Evaluations
I. What are performance evaluations? Performance evaluations are both tools for communication and evaluation. Performance...
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Constructive Feedback
What is constructive feedback? Constructive feedback can be best viewed as a series of actions that assist employees and...
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