Deductive Reasoning
What is deductive reasoning? Deductive reasoning, also known as top-down logic or dedution, is the process of reaching a...
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Fundamental Attribution Error and How it’s Destroying Your Relationships
We have been taught that a person's behaviour determines whether they are good or bad. This can cause us to make assumptions...
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What Does M and MM Mean in Accounting?
Definition Roman numerals are often used in accounting to help abbreviate and designate numbers. For example, the Roman...
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Bereavement Leave for Employees
Health and mental wellbeing are at the forefront of social discussion. From the selfcare movement to increased awareness...
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Understanding FMLA – Short Guide for Employees and Employers
There are times when an employee may need to step away from work to take care of family matters. A common example is soon...
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Understanding and Managing Ambiguity at Work
Over the past few years, businesses have been heavily scrutinized when a catastrophic disaster or event occurs. Journalists...
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How to be Agile and Expand into Adjacent Businesses
What is an Adjacent Business? Adjacent markets can provide a great excess of revenue for a company if leaders are able to...
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Data Visualizations and the Business Implication for Not Creating Them
Businesses are drinking from a firehose of data. This makes it increasingly challenging for leaders cut through noise to...
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