Core Values
Core values in your organization are simply the handful of rules that you’ve decided are truly important – core – to the...
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Start with Why to Engage Your Team
If you’re a leader you must start with why to engage your team.  And I mean a leader of anyone.  Employee team, volunteer...
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Key Take Aways From The Power of People Skills by Trevor Throness
If you don’t have time to read The Power of People Skills written by Trevor Throness, or want to grab some quick key ideas,...
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Are You Too Clever to Build a Strategic Plan?
There is an impulse in people to make things more complicated than they need to be.  When building a strategic plan, our...
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What Are Some Examples of Real Core Values?
Most core values are vanilla statements, made by committees that mean nothing in the actual functioning of the organization. Usually...
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What Are Company Core Values?
I have four kids, so my wife and I are not able to enforce every single thing that happens in our home.  We’ve decided to...
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How to Make Core Values Stick in Your Organization
Many companies have core values – and can’t remember what they are When I brought up the idea of developing “right attitudes”...
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Music Go Round
History of Music Go Round Music Go Round was originally founded in 1986 by Bill Shell, an entrepreneur from South Minneapolis,...
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