4 Modern business leaders who were too presumptuous
What does it mean to be presumptuous? By definition, being presumptuous means failing to observe the limits of what is allowed...
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How to answer tell me about yourself? The simple 3 step approach!
You walk into a job interview for a new role and the first thing your interviewer says to you after sitting down is, “So,...
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What is project planning? A 10 step process to create your project plan!
  What is project planning? Project planning is the stage of the project management process that takes place at the...
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What Is A Contingency Plan? Here Is Why Your Company Needs One!
What Is A Contingency Plan? Contingency planning is the process of preparing ahead of time in the event that a disaster...
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Top 10 Jobs for Creatives
  While we all have a creative side, not everyone chooses to pursue a career in a creative field. However, gone are...
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Highest Paying Jobs: Top 5 in Canada
The highest paying jobs in Canada aren't difficult to come by. Whether you've freshly graduated from high school or are looking...
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Business Casual Women’s Workwear History
Business casual for women as a workplace style, and women's clothing itself, has changed drastically over the years. Not...
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Lessons We Have Learned From The Great Resignation
What is the Great Resignation? The COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize that life is short and unpredictable. As a...
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