Professional References

I. What are professional references? Professional references are recommendations from individuals who can vouch for your qualifications and character for employment. Professional references can make or break any employment opportunity, and tend to be the next step after a prospective employer has taken a look at your resume and/or interviewed you for a position. When … Continued

Performance Evaluations

I. What are performance evaluations? Performance evaluations are both tools for communication and evaluation. Performance evaluations are intended to be fair and balanced assessments of past performance on projects and are comparative in nature. This means that they compare the performance of specific employees with colleagues, company, market, or industry outcomes. Both employees and teammates … Continued

Constructive Feedback

I. What is constructive feedback? Constructive feedback can be best viewed as a series of actions that assist employees and team members in altering their behaviour in order to accomplish their goals. If you ensure that the feedback you give is constructive, your suggestions are less likely to be ignored and your critiques are more … Continued

Canadian New Hire Paperwork

I. What is new hire paperwork? New hire paperwork includes all of the documentation that you are legally required under provincial and federal law to obtain from your employee when they begin working for you. After obtaining a signed letter of offer and employee contract, in Canada, the two most important aspects of new hire … Continued